What does it mean to StaCentered?

StaCentered Yoga strives to provide a safe, open environment to encourage students to cultivate greater self-awareness in order to create a deeper connection with themselves. The cultivation of deeper self awareness allows you to be in tune with everything that is going on within yourself. This connection gives you a sense of more power and control over your life.

When we lose the deep connection with ourselves, we can begin to feel overwhelmed, stressed and lost. You might feel like your body, mind and spirit are not in harmony. When these feelings surface, chances are you’re not centered and finding a way to move back to a point of balance becomes crucial. Practicing yoga is one way to help draw you back to that place of balance and help you StaCentered.

Yoga is the union between body, mind and spirit and it encourages overall health and wellness. The hope is that students leave class feeling differently than when they walked in- be it physically, mentally or spiritually. Feeling balanced, emotionally & mentally stable, physically strong, and having an overall feeling of peace and harmony—that’s what it means to StaCentered. Allow me to help you find that place within yourself where you can rediscover balance and peace.

See you on the mat!